AnAnAsAsAnA is the artistic platform of Miguel Constantino, a french-portuguese musician, sound engineer, and photographer.

Born in France in 1980, Miguel Constantino came back to Portugal, his father's country, after a decade of recording indie-rock bands abroad (Marvin, Papier Tigre, Talibam, Centenaire, Will Guthrie, Peter Kernel...), and started using photography as a record of his own experience.

Inspired by subcultures as skateboarding and the DIY ethic, he is using exclusively analogue cameras and printing everything by himself in his darkroom.

His work is singular and uncompromising, raw and pictural, honest and poetic, and infused with emotions.

In a world grotesquely oversaturated with images, he believes in artistic expressions that are not to consume, but to keep.

Features and interviews:
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